Ismail Ilgun is loose on Igmar: ’Dirty disrespect’

249ed42ef6705d868341e23319b5bc1f - Ismail Ilgun is loose on Igmar: ’Dirty disrespect’

After Ismail Ilgun Friday at radio QMusic the studio was turned off because he was late and the second time was not come, he reacts today on Instagram.

Ismail Ilgun is furious that he has on the picture down was taken’

Ismail feels hustled he first the studio is allowed to then hard again being sent away. “I have quietly held, best. But this is dirty disrespect, me before a microphone and to want away. Had ’t outside of the studio then said if t is not a show for you”, he writes the Saturday afternoon on Instagram.

According to him, the action of Igmar Felicia one big media stunt. “They knew what I was, but this is thought to be little in the publicity to come,” he writes. It took the vlogger also some effort to keep. “If it were up to me and me emotions, I ‘m couple of flat, but I shoot anything with them on, then I will give them exactly what they want.”


Igmar Felicia gets in the comments is a lot to endure, and defends his action. “I knew last Friday until 2 minutes before you get in the studio arrived, not that you came in. Unfortunately came only 5 minutes before the end of our broadcast.” Felicia had him a second chance, ’ because you a lot of mess over you got. “I wanted your side of the story heard.”

According to Ismail, he wanted to come, but he saved it. “I do every day fasting with guests, after iftar I go home and I edit everything myself. I have the 2 x not met and then comes this man with such dirty games.” His fans support him – “The media wants to break you”, but critics find that he is, but his responsibility should take. “You are coming 2x not, then you have just bad luck.”

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