Iraqi moordverdachte back in Germany

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WIESBADEN – The Iraqi prime suspect of the murder of fourteen-year-old Susanna F. in Germany is Saturday from Iraq in Frankfurt, arrived. That said Interior minister Horst Seehofer.

The 14-year-old Susanna F. (l.), whose body on Wednesday was found. Ali Bashar (r.), the offender.

Justice wants Ali Bashar shortly after arriving for the first time hear. Probably Sunday is the Iraqi to the judge-commissioner conducted according to the German press agency DPA.

The twenty-year-old suspect was as a refugee to Germany come and fled last week from Germany to Iraq, because he moordverdachte came into the picture. He was in the night from Thursday to Friday picked up, not far from the Turkish border, in a hotel in Zakho in the autonomous Kurdish Northern Iraq. Earlier Saturday, he is on the plane to Germany.


A high officer in Iraq said that Ali Bashar, a confession has passed. He would be friends with Susanna, but have an argument. When the police wanted to call, strangled her. Susanna disappeared on may 22 and her body is Wednesday, only found. The mother of the Iraqi man has against German media said that her son is not able to remember that he is the girl has killed, because he was drunk.

The murder has in Germany, to the great outrage that led to political actions with the immigration policy as a bet. In Mainz, the place of residence of Susanna, on Saturday night, a minute’s silence for the girl held. ,,It helps not to hate with hate to meet them”, said a speaker at the meeting.

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