Humberto Tan wants to not look back to continue watching

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Humberto Tan look without resentment back on the decision of the transmitter of the RTL to the presenter to be replaced. “You must not look back continue to look for that kind of stuff. RTL Late Night has me very much. That is mostly what I remember, that is what I got”, tells Humberto to the ANP.

Humberto is Thursday already begun with the filming of Dance Dance Dance, he says. He takes the duo-presentation in addition to Chantal Janzen over of Jandino Asporaat. He will also go through with The Big Music Quiz.

Possible to reverse the natuurquiz The are just like people back on RTL 4. “We are thinking about are just like people”, says Tan, that the presentation of the game show in 2016, took over from Paul de Leeuw. Humberto says that he is next to Holland’s Got Talent, also with RTL to think about a different type of program with more infotainment.’

Tan extended his contract with RTL recently for three years. He presented Friday his last RTL Late Night. “Now we have a new chapter to create. It is good this way. The new things seem to be here also.”

The presenter got after his final broadcast of RTL Late Night, a plaque in which his hands were immortalized. The tile gets a place on the Walk of Fame for the RTL building, where Humberto will get a place between other presenters that much for RTL have been served.

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