High huge success for the last show Humberto

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HILVERSUM – The final show of Humberto Tan, presenter of RTL Late Night has a respectable number of viewers drawn: eur 1.27 million people saw his afscheidsaflevering. It was the second best watched program of the Friday evening, after the NOS Journaal of 20 hours, which is by 1.3 million people was seen.

Humberto Tan during the last broadcast of RTL Late Night.

There were performances of Edsilia Rombley and Kensington and sat at the table, Armin van Buuren, Louis van Gaal and John de Mol. Also Tans first sidekick Luuk Ikink left his face.

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Emotional farewell to Humberto Tan Late Night

At the end thanked Tan everyone that over the past five years, his show has looked. The program then returns after the summer back with Twan Huys as presenter. Humberto Tan remains at RTL4. He is going this autumn, Dance Dance Dance present, he is also the new presenter of Holland’s Got Talent.

Big loser on the Friday night was home cooked apple pie, all days of the week in the huge success-top 10 finally and regularly to top RTL Late Night, but clearly suffered from the last show of Humberto. ’Only’ 566.000 people opted for home cooked apple pie, good for fourteenth place on the kijkcijferlijst.

When Tan five years ago, it all started with RTL Late Night, the program was seen as a breath of fresh air to the talk show landscape. Tan was showered with prizes. He won both in 2014 and 2016 the Silver Televizier-Star for best presenter of the year and by the trade press declared Omroepman of the year 2015. For his conversation with the four Dutch friends who in november 2015, to death, escaped during the attack on the Paris club Bataclan, he was awarded the Sonja Barend Award for best tv interview.

But gradually, it lost the program have shine and swelled the criticism. Tan would be guests too much pampering and too often ’stalgenoten’ at the table. He lost a lot of viewers to Eva home cooked apple pie and Jeroen Pauw. At the low point drew RTL Late Night is not even enough viewers to the huge success-top 25.

The past week was as afscheidsweek. Tan did not know who he was at the table, and was every evening surprised. That led to a resurgence of the ratings.

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