Heleen van Royen had a trio with Bart and prostitute

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Heleen van Royen (53) dreamed always have to have a trio to have. Specially for her new book Sexdagboek, decided the writer and partner Bart Meeldijk (31) a prostitute to hire that wish come true.

Heleen van Royen and companion Bart Meeldijk

“The diary has that plan in an accelerated. We were already often talked about,” says Helen in an interview with the Dutch Volkskrant Magazine. “I wanted it to be a time with two men, Bart with two women. So there was a stalemate. I wanted to make best time for a woman, but then also had a time a man, equal cross, you know?”

She tells them that this is the perfect time, so that she could use for her book. The couple decided a prostitute to call. “It was a lot of feministischer than I thought, because we women were really in charge.” This is also apparent from the book. It says to read that Van Royen’s ’encouraging’ words ’watch and learn’ against Bart uttered, while she is satisfied by the escort. “It slipped out. Not nice, I feel ashamed of me for. But I really thought: ’shit, what is she doing this incredible, amazing, good. I was completely surprised.”

The writer says that she doubts whether the trio with two men there’s ever going to happen.

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