Happel said one sentence in eight weeks…

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It is at this time impossible to imagine that a coach will during a whole WK no word changes with some players.

Ernie Brandts in action during world cup final.

Ernie Brandts reveals that Ernst Happel during the preparation and during the world cup in 1978, exactly one of the sentence against him has said.

Brandt: “We had eight weeks together. I would, of course, totally not going to play, because I was along as a reserve and with 22 years the youngest of the whole Dutch selection in Argentina. Happel said, not even good morning.”

By injuries, with Johan Neeskens, Wim Suurbier and Wim Rijsbergen had to Happel suddenly a appeal in the long voorstopper of PSV. Brandt: “Happel came down the stairs in the hotel, saw me and said suddenly: ‘Kennst du Krankl?

So I say: “Yes.”

Happel: “Yes? Du spielst gegen Krankl.”

Brandt continues: “And that was it… The are the only words that I have spoken.”

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