Handshake Macron leaves traces at Trump

1823c3710a43dd5aa92d60773c903933 - Handshake Macron leaves traces at Trump

Macron (right) had clear hard pinched in the hand of Trump

The masonic handshakes that Trump with other politicians exchanges are now legendary. But now it turns out at the G7 summit in Canada that the French president, Macron is still just a bit harder to pinch than their American counterparts.

The masonic handshakes between the American president Donald Trump and his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron have in the past headline. So shook Trump a year ago during his first visit as president to Europe, the hand of Macron so powerful, that his knuckles white and his jaws compressed.

At the G7 summit of major industrialized nations in Canada was the price again and now showed Macron is clearly also apply. A handshake with Trump on Friday was apparently so powerful, that then live to see was that there is a white fingerprint left on the back of the right hand of Trump.

Images thereof were by hundreds of people, shared through social networks and commented. Most stated the picture as a French president who also wanted to apply.

Trump has in the past already several times for the fuss made with unusual and impolite masonic handshakes. Sometimes he shakes someone very aggressive in the hand, other times he does not release or he pulls the other person with a jerk.

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