Grant for konijnenfluisteraar

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Brussels – The Belgian government appears to grant subsidies to the unemployed who wish to retrain to konijnengedragstherapeut.

Also, a hypnotist may be at the expense of the taxpayer with our southern neighbour, writes The Newspaper.

“A well-trained rabbit that you are a close-knit band, who effortlessly learn and no behavior problems presents.” That you get as good konijnengedragstherapeut, promises the website of the Toscanzahoeve in Aarschot. In a brochure, the training of 2,700 euro will cost. The student may appeal on a game of the government, as stated on the site to read.

Belgium has according to the newspaper 1900 businesses that subsidised courses offer. In recent years, the rich 179 million in funding.

Member of parliament Peter Van Rompuy says question for some entrepreneurs. He doubts the utility of a fee of a hypnosis training and Ayurveda training that is an ancient medicine from India, teaches. The study trip to India was even partly paid by the government.

Van Rompuy will find that there is stricter control.

Three months ago seized the government already in when entrepreneurs at the expense of the taxpayer helikopterles got.

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