Gold treasure found during demolition of house in France

Pont-Aven – the demolition of a house in the French village of Pont-Aven is a treasure found. 600 Belgian pieces of gold were in the house found.

This is not the muntenschat from the story.

Workmen stumbled Wednesday a object that looks like a shell. “When they shake, they heard the coins ringing,” says Laurent Le Bihan at the newspaper Ouest-France.

In the object proved to be among the 600 pieces of gold to sit in 1870, with the portrait of king Leopold II, writes the Newspaper. The owner of the house says he is not surprised, “because his grandfather was a collector.”

The hundreds of pieces of gold have estimated a value of more than 100,000 euros. Half of the money is the property of the owner of the site, and the other half to the finders is allocated, writes to the French law.

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