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From the tires of the system: Coinbase is negotiating with the SEC

2bc3e733830ecdf06c5085c6fdca8ef6 - From the tires of the system: Coinbase is negotiating with the SEC

The cryptographic stock exchange, Coinbase is currently in negotiations with the US securities authority. According to COO Asiff Hirjii you stand on the verge of get the important licenses issued. The Chief Operating Officer, sees an important step for the Ecosystem of crypto-currencies.

The Wild West of crypto-currencies and ICOs seems, with increasingly large steps to the end of leaning toward. You look at the Chronicles of our week looking back, you see: There’s not a day goes by without a new regulatory efforts. Other times, they are a little stricter, some looser – one can, however, say with certainty: every day a little more order to the crypto-Chaos. Whether we like it or not.

These regulatory efforts to adapt, Coinbase apparently in contact with the authorities. With one of the top regulatory authorities of the United States: With the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). As the COO of Coinbase announced in a blog post that it is on a good way, to of the SEC regulated crypto-Securities.

Coinbase-COO sees huge Potential for the future

Accordingly, it is intended to offer in the future a regulated and thus legal Broker for blockchain-based Securities under the supervision of the SEC and the financial industry regulatory authority Financial Industry Regulatory authority (FINRA). The license of the Broker be requested accordingly. In addition, Coinbase is expected according to Asiff Hirjii a license for the set Trading System and an Investment Advisor license. Asiff Hirjii is with a view to the issuing of licences, in his blog post on Medium is extremely euphoric:

“We believe that this is a big step for the crypto-Ecosystem. Also, it is a sign that the industry is maturing. If the amendments go through, this will help Coinbase, in the future, new [innovative] products [ … ].“

In fact, you can see a issue of licences as an important Signal for the Ecosystem. There are especially a lot of potential investors to which the unregulated nature of crypto-currencies discomfort.

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