Former guitarist of Fleetwood Mac died

Danny Kirwan, five albums long, the guitarist of the British group Fleetwood Mac, is 68-year-old age died.

Reports that Saturday, Mick Fleetwood in a tribute on the Facebook page of the band. It was Fleetwood itself which in 1968 the then 18-year-old Kirwan in the group shot, because of his love for the blues’.

Coincidence or not, the very first number of Fleetwood Mac in which Kirwan on the guitar played was the instrumental ‘Albatross’, that would become a worldwide hit. On the five albums to which he contributed (the “Then Play On”, ” Blues Jam at Chess’, ‘Kiln House’, ‘Future Games’ and ‘Bare Trees’) prepared Kirwan also occasional vocals. The five albums released between 1969 and 1972.

In 1972, Kirwan by the band fired because of his drinking problem. The cause of Kirwans death is still unknown.

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