First Bondmeisje died

0734798a84c5680a10002f1b62ff94fa - First Bondmeisje died

Eunice Gayson, the very first Bondgirl, is no more. The British actress, who in 1962 as Bondmeisje the striker bite in “Dr. No” and also in the next bond movie “From Russia with Love” (1963) acted as well, yesterday at the age of 90 died. That today reports the British public broadcaster BBC. In the first film of 007 played Gayson the role of Sylvia Trench. The original intention was that Sylvia Trench is a fixed bijfiguur in the bond movies would be, but that idea was rejected by Guy Hamilton, the director of “Goldfinger”.

From her voice, you will Gayson not recognize. In the two bond movies in which they acted, were her texts -the fate of many Bondgirls from the years ’60 and ’70 – narrated by voiceover actress Nikki van der Zyl.

Gayson is definitely the first Bondmeisje: she comes in the opening sequence of “Dr. No” in which she imagines as “Trench. Sylvia Trench”. To which Sean Connery the historic reply, it gives “Bond. James Bond”. Only later in the film is Ursula Andress as Honey Rider from the sea stepped in a bold bikini.

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