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EOS Mainnet launch “Go” – How is it now?

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As we reported, delayed the EOS Mainnet Launch by a few days due to various reasons. In today’s night to 3 PM German time has now been granted, however, the long-awaited “Go” through the EOS Mainnet Launch Group.

The EOS-Mainnet launch process was lengthy and the EOS Mainnet Launch Group (EMLG) of the potential block producers, who will act as validators of transactions in the network, had to first agree on a uniform version of the software and serious errors from the Code to get rid of them before the Blockchain could go live. This step has now been done.

As it goes now, you will learn about the EOS Launch Tracker of EOS Authority, which counts the time up to the time of activation and the current state of the start live informed. Up to the final launch of the Mainnets are, however, still go a couple of steps.

The EOS-Mainnet Launch is currently underway and will consist of five phases plus the future Phase (“The Future”). In the first Phase, the Snapshot was taken.

In the second, already completed Phase, the Boot-up Phase, it was checked the contents of the Chain, concerns expressed and solutions are developed and, finally, the Blockchain is validated. The third Phase was for the delay the last few days, since the test phase brought critical errors in the Code, and on several occasions a “No Go” caused.

We currently find ourselves in Phase 4, the “Enable”. In this, the EMLG will publish a joint statement to select as soon as the network participants for sure. The EOSIO-Blockchain is then considered activated and valid, if 15% of all Token holders have voted for the block producers. For this electoral process there is no fixed period of time. Depending on how fast the EOS Community can come together and as soon as 15% of the Token set and for the vote were used, the EOS-Blockchain as valid, and the Chain is activated.

The selected block producers will replace the EMLG and the EOS Blockchain will go live. At this time, EOS run-holder transactions, internal trade, Dapps, and more.

The choice of the block producers of EOS

Currently, more than 200 EOS-block producers. A EOS GO created world map showing the distribution around the world:

Due to the large number of applicants, the choice is of course difficult, especially because the backgrounds of the individual candidate, should not be generally clear. Remedy the website eosgo introducing each potential block producers in the short and, if applicable, on their website and it is linked to.

Whom the effort is too large, it can be a Steemit article of EOSGo view, have made a kind of comparison of all the candidates, the candidates according to various criteria, inter alia, public presence, technology plans, scaling plans, Roadmap, and more compared.

EOS course

The rate of EOS is at the time of writing at € 12.50 and can be found within the last 24 hours, a rate increase of about 5 percent . The market capitalization amounts to approximately 11.1 billion euros and the volume of trading on the last day is around 901 million euros comparatively high.

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