Emotional farewell to Humberto Tan Late Night

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AMSTERDAM – Humberto Tan could have been handkerchiefs in his suit to keep at the conclusion of his last RTL Late Night. At the end of the show on Friday, where Humberto, inter alia, the viewer thanked him, he kept it dry.

After five seasons and more than a thousand episodes take Humberto farewell to the talk show RTL Late Night.

That was a little different after the show and during the performance of Edsilia Rombley. They sang the song The love of your friends of Willeke Alberti, a song that Humberto said to his brothers and mother. While Edsilia sang, flocked to Tan the tears on his cheeks.

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Humberto had Friday, just as the rest of the week, no idea what the guests at his table were. That proved to Armin van Buuren, Louis van Gaal and John de Mol. Kensington performed and also Luuk Ikink, Humberto’s first sidekick, and turned back briefly.

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At the end of the show commented Humberto back on an “overwhelming week.” “Late Night to me has given so much, what I’ll do in the future, this I will carry with me always.” Finally, thanked Humberto anyone in the last five years to his talk show looked.

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Although Humberto afzwaaide, stops RTL Late Night. After the summer, the program is back with another presenter Twan Huys. Humberto had longer want to continue with the talk, but RTL 4 chose, partly because of declining viewing figures, for a different price.

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