Ella Luna is a new name to keep an eye on

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Ella Luna is a new female artist, where producer Patrick Hamilton his shoulders has ondergezet. He wrote the song “Tellement je t’aime” together with Sofia Anessiadis and Ella Luna took care of itself for the French text.

The song is very recognizable and super catchy. Once you have heard, it is very likely that the rest of the day stays in your head but not to worry, you will be happy…
The clip was recorded in the South of france, Hyeres and the island of Porquerolles in the Côte d’azur and also there was hard work.

Yesterday, Friday, June 8, was the release of the single for Belgium. France and Canada. Other countries will follow suit a little later.
In this single from Ella Luna is also a video clip on YouTube is to view, via the channel of this new artist.

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