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Disney ceo resigns after complaints about unacceptable behaviour

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The artistic director of Disney Animation, John Lasseter, is moving on after complaints about sexual harassment.

Disney has let us know that he has until the end of the year a consultant will be. Then he leaves the entertainmentgigant.

“John has an impressive career behind Pixar and Disney Animation,” says Robert Iger, ceo of Disney. “He has the animation field reinvented, incredible risk-taking and original, high-quality, timeless stories told. We are very grateful for his contribution to the great revival of Disney Animation Studios.’

John Lasseter says that he is on new creative challenges wants to concentrate. “For the last six months I have had the opportunity to think about my life, career and personal priorities.’

In november he announced that he already leave. The director of ‘Toy Story’ and ‘Cars’ apologized, and admitted that he has failed to be a culture of ‘trust and respect’ in his studios to create.

Lasseter is just another powerful man in Hollywood who in time to come because of sexual harassment, since the matter around producer Harvey Weinstein.

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