Disagreement with Trump overshadows G7 summit

17dc5d9ee3792690b83c68a63068c747 - Disagreement with Trump overshadows G7 summit

The G7 summit in Canada, the deep disagreement between the American president Donald Trump and the other countries can not smooth out.

The meeting, traditionally this is an occasion where the leaders of the seven largest economies in the world, the violins voices, this time overshadowed by the uncooperative attitude of the American president Donald Trump.

With its decision to unilaterally import tariffs to introduce for aluminium and steel, he had the mood in advance of rotten. Important decisions will not be taken.

After a meeting with French president Emmanuel Macron said Trump, however, that there is ‘something going to happen’. ‘It will be very positive, I think,’ he said. “We have a very good band. We have only the occasional small tests if the trade goes.’

Also, Macron did suggest that progress in the handelsdispuut possible. The US and the EU, according to a French source within two weeks of a dialogue on trade.

The German chancellor Angela Merkel had a short conversation with Trump, but they did not have a bilateral meeting.

The chance of a joint final declaration of the seven participants is in any case small, as had Macron already let you know. A unified explanation of a host, Trudeau, after the end is the best where now it is hoped.

Trump is not planning to be at the top completely out of. He leaves Saturday for four hours to Singapore for the historical meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.

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