Demonstrations smothered during G7 summit

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QUEBEC CITY – The capital of the Canadian province of Quebec, also Québec is called, has possible violent protests and riots nipped in the bud. Antikapitalisten and other left-radical activists had announced on Friday a “Day of Disruption” in Quebec, but the large-scale lying the uprooted riot police prevented that.

Friday started in La Malbaie in the province of Quebec, western economic summit of the G7. Dozens of demonstrators tried in Quebec city several times in several places major intersections to block, but their number was relatively small and the police had little trouble getting blocks to break, reported local media. Friday in Quebec City, only six activists arrested.

Many residents of the city feared riots as in previous international summits. There are a lot of nasty memories of a conference in the province in 2001 about free trade in America. The protests and actions of many tens of thousands of demonstrators and activists who are against free trade were, were completely out of hand.

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