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Bubbletone improved its mobile App during the successful ICOs

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Even in the midst of the ICOs, which by cryptocurrency analysts, and Rating-was praised agencies high, the Bubbletone Blockchain continues to on ways to improve the user experience of customers and operators. The company has added to its unique mobile App for additional functions, while it is the world’s first decentralized telecommunications-developed Ecosystem, the mobile network operators, phone users and the service provider connects and at the same time a cost-effective and value-enhancing Alternative to international Roaming.

It is not surprising that Bubbletone with more than 18 years of experience in the market occupies in the telecommunications market, leading role in innovation and the revolution of the sector. The company developed its own mobile virtual network operator, and has developed a Roaming-Mobile – Messenger-App with the potential to meet the requirements of 1.2 billion passengers per year. Bubbletone also, more and more users as it includes agreements with the operators. Currently, operators have logged in more than 80 countries with over 20 million subscribers.

The growing interest is mainly driven by the Blockchain-based marketplace of the company on the mobile users and suppliers on an international level, and especially without a mediator can work together. Telecommunications partner can access for free on the Graphene-based platform of Bubbletone, which offers a capacity of 10,000 transactions per second. The project democratizes the market for smaller operators to publish their tariffs in the network of the company, making excessive spending on international Roaming agreements, the need for a costly network infrastructure, and problems of system integration are addressed.

Meanwhile, the phone users no longer have to worry about having to change their SIM card when traveling abroad, since you can use the BubbleTone Mobile App to purchase worldwide service packs local Tariffs. The innovative Roaming-free SIM of the project is currently being tested in the United States and Europe. And that’s not all. Bubbletone has recognized the need to provide content and to take advantage of the security of a Blockchain-based platform. Its network user get access to a wide range of services, from music to Learning a language.

And now you can feel, thanks to the existing and new features of the Bubbletone App even more secure, in particular the possibility of using the App, password protection for all the Chats. Users can also apply the Smoke Chat feature to restrict the access to certain messages on the actual time, if the receiver has to the message is opened, the Finger on the screen. If you remove your Finger, it disappears the message. The Bubbletone App can also send any type of file. In the meantime, voice calls through an encrypted communication based on the use of a virtual private network (VPN) protected. The App allows users to store call records and files on Google Drive, iCloud or Dropbox.

Mobile subscribers, network operators and other Service and application providers are not the only ones who perceive the value of the offers of Bubbletone and the universal mobile Token (UMTs), which are offered in the current ICO. ICORating has received a “Positive” rating, while TrackICO, ICObench and wiserICO have a rating, the company is also very good.

To commenting on the developments Bubbletone-founder and CEO, Yury Morozov:

We are pleased that the Rating agencies pull the same conclusion as our customers are. You have taken on Board the potential of our project to transform the telecommunications industry by eliminating the international Roaming per se and the market for both large as well as small businesses open. And also our commitment to making the mobile experience for all of the new, by providing services, opportunities for entertainment and Learning, as well as the functions of our Bubbletone App to improve the security of the communication in General.

ICOBox co-founder Daria Generalova to that they had expected the high ratings that have been assigned to Bubbletone,:

You are worthy of. Bubbletone will achieve thanks to his determination and innovative ideas and services, as well as the impressive Telecom and Blockchain – references of the team awards and positive changes. Not to forget the outstanding consultants who were drawn from the Ericsson-Visionary Joakim of Stockholm, and Anders Larsson, and the telecommunications expert Dr. Norman Lewis to a serial technology entrepreneur Keith Teare, the founder and CEO of CoinStreet Samson Lee, and the CEO of Lingualeo, Vladimir Sirotinskiy!

Bubble tones ICO started on the 20. March 2018 with a Token price of 1 ETH = 4.000 UMT and a fixed ceiling of USD 15.000.000. Among the accepted currencies ETH, BTC and USD. The ICO is on 15. June at 23:59 London time close. So who wants to buy the UMT-Token at the current price, must act fast!

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