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BTC-ECHO weekly review 23/18

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Overview of the 23. Calendar week in the year 2018

The courses have experienced this week, neither spectacular head jumps, moon trips. In the Top 10 Bitcoin Cash (BCH) has recorded the largest percentage increase. EOS was with about 10 percent in the Plus is also a winner.

The Start of the Mainnets of the latter, crypto-currency is delayed, since the Block-producers of the EOS-Blockchain want to wait for all the security vulnerabilities from the Code are corrected. This is currently waiting for an Audit. The registration of the ETH addresses for the Mainnet Launch is already over.

The IOTA Foundation announced this week plans to Qubic. The project aims to expand the function of the IOTA Tangels and the implementation for IOTA in IoT devices available, which is a little computing power. What is behind Qubic’s has looked at the BTC-ECHO-editor Phillip Horch.

The Monero project has published the binary codes for the Update to 12.2 and supports for the first time, a Hardware Wallet. However, the use of the Ledger is currently only available with the CLI, the release of Version 12.2, the GUI takes a few days.

LISK had to fight this week with technical difficulties, after a transaction is blocked with a wrong time stamp in the Blockchain. A Hard Fork could solve the Problem, told us Lightcurve Director Max Kordek.

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