Boer, Henk and Fiona are married

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Farmer Henk from Farmer wants a Wife is married to Fiona, the woman he is out in 2012, more than eleven hundred letters selected. That makes Farmer wants a Wife known on Facebook.

Boer, Henk and Fiona

“When I was at Fiona next to my father-in-law saw it, I had a tear from my eye”, tells a moving Henk on the website of the tv program. The marriage came last week Saturday, two years after the farmer Fiona had proposed, during a trip to Canada.

Meanwhile, the two have a son, Owen (2) and a daughter, Jolene (1. Owen if the rings, dressed in the same suit as his father; a choice of Henk, that is a time at another wedding had seen. “I thought that was so beautiful.” Also Jolene’s dress was special: sewn by mother of Henk with a few pieces from Fiona’s wedding dress in it.

And at the big party if Yvon Jaspers, of course, is not to be missed. Also farmer Hans and Hanneke, from the same season of Farmer wants a Wife were present, as well as good friend joe the farmer from the season 2013 from Canada, which the couple met during a Farmer wants a Wife-afterparty. Now wait for the set only for a honeymoon. But whether they farm for so long only to leave?

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