‘Blind saw me as a difficult kid at Ajax

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Mbark Boussoufa, who also had the chance for the Orange to come out but since 2006 the shirt of Morocco is wearing, doesn’t look to be in resentment. Boussoufa get next week as frequent international with a wonderful career in the aircraft to Russia for the world cup. Why would he be bitter? He has everything experienced.

Mbark Boussoufa with the ball of the foot.

And yet keep some things to him, still trying “in Retrospect, I am perhaps too early for Ajax left, but that was because at that time I (Boussoufa was 17 years old, red.) in spite the lived with Danny Blind. He was head of training and saw me as a difficult boy. I’m actually still not why, though I have something teruggezegd. That maybe I should not do, because Danny was someone who very much would have won with Ajax and found that not as fun. The point was that I was in the A2 would remain and that I do not want. It was important for me to develop.”

“My choice finally fell on Chelsea and the first year in London went very well. I might even occasionally with the first option. But in the summer, then came Roman Abramovich, who ten players bought and the youth is actually no chance more. I wanted to return to the Netherlands, which turned out to be very difficult. Many clubs were initially enthusiastic, but hooked suddenly. It seemed like there was bad about me was spoken.”

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