Belgian gold treasure found in a French house

563588ac82b0ab6016b5654ccbea28e6 - Belgian gold treasure found in a French house

A treasure of 600 Belgian gold is this week found at a demolition of a house in Pont-Aven, in the west of France.

Workers Wednesday were busy with the demolition of a deserted house, found an object that looked like a shell. “When they shake, they heard the coins ringing,’ says Laurent Le Bihan, medezaakvoerder of the company Bat’isol in Quimperlé, that a message confirms the newspaper Ouest-France.

The object appeared 600 Belgian gold to sit in 1870, with the portrait of king Leopold II. The gendarmerie was informed. The owner of the house says he is not surprised, because his grandfather is a collector.

The value of the treasure would be more than 100,000 euro. According to the French law is the treasure for the first half to the finders and half to the owner of the property where the discovery was made.

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