Auditions for Afrojacks rock group from start

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The first auditieronde for the international pop group under the leadership of Afrojack starts Saturday in Amsterdam. Next week is an audition in Rotterdam is planned. For both auditions have located a few hundred young people signed up.


DJ and producer Nick van de Wall, aka Afrojack, is looking for his pop band singers, rappers and dancers. The first round is a zangronde, but for Nick it is a passion the most important. “For example, if a dancer logs in, he is not necessarily good singing, as there is only passion radiates from,” says his spokeswoman.

This month also in London, New York, Los Angeles, Taipei and Osaka auditions held. In July, there are still auditions in Tokyo. The second round in the Netherlands in July in Hilversum held.


For the third round, the aspiring artists from all the countries to Tokyo flown, where they are from 24 to 31 August intensive will be trained up artist. In the third and final round will be the final group chosen. “The main focus is on people who are in a group be able to function. People who consider themselves better than another, will not go,” says the spokeswoman.

The final winners will go on for months be trained up to a professional artiestengroep. Afrojack comes to their music production and in 2019, the group will present to the public at large.


Nick wants to be with this group especially to help young people to be successful. He says: “the world is generally ruthless, because everyone for themselves fight. But I am at a position in which I for myself have to fight so I think it’s nice to have younger talents just to learn how everything works.”

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