Anniversary ’radiomonument’ Nails with Heads

ac1240e5ca578f606fe04e50caf2d8ce - Anniversary ’radiomonument’ Nails with Heads

Nails with Heads is 30 years and that is celebrated. Dolf Jansen and Felix Meurders, in exchange for one time their permanent place café The Florin in Utrecht for the Royal Theatre Carré in Amsterdam.

Felix Meurders and Dolf Jansen

It is a jubilee of music, cabaret and columns on a special Spijkerspodium, so let the creators know. Be a guest in any case, comedians Niels van der Laan en Jeroen Woe, columnists Hans Sibbel and Merijn Scholten and artists Rowwen Hèze and Stef Bos. In the run-up to the anniversary, which is heard live on NPO Radio 2 presenters, Dolf Jansen and Felix Meurders, other ’friends of the program’ known to drop by.

Nails with Heads since 1988 every Saturday between 12.00 hours and 14.00 hours to listen to. In the program scrolling politicians, athletes, and columnists for a good conversation, but it can also be about art and culture, neighbour quarrels or terrible out of the hobby. In addition, there are performances by artists and comedians in an intimate setting.

Meurders calls it a delight to the program, Jones looks ahead to the next milestone. “A radiomonument are is beautiful. Thirty years also exist, but to me its about the next twenty years, topradio.” Other people who have the program have presented are, among others, Jack Spijkerman, Jan Jaap van der Wal, Richard Groenendijk and Pieter Jan Hagens.

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