Anne Robinson calls ’MeToo-generation of’ wimps

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Anne Robinson is determined not to speak about the women who have risen after the Weinstein scandal to speak out about the power of men in the workplace. “I had never expected that there are so many mature, intelligent women, who in a corner sat crying to the behavior of their boss.”

Anne Robinson

Robinson recognizes that the abuse in almost every shop-floor level and they talk sexual abuse is certainly not good, but she does think that women are better have to be prepared for abuses at work. “These women all have a good level of education and had equal opportunities, but in time they turned into wimps!”, tells the former host of Weakest Link.

“Men would never the power may have to be a woman in the corner to drift, but you must keep in mind that this can happen and think about how you handle that will go.” Very angry, she of all the Hollywood actresses that have now come out with their personal experiences. “So Uma Thurman is rebuffed, but instead of that they are, decide they have to make a film with Harvey? That’s what you do isn’t it?!”

One night stand

The #MeToo movement is a recurring topic in her latest tv documentary series The Trouble With Women With Anne Robinson. “That was really an eye-opener. Every woman that I spoke to, has experience with sexual abuse, but when I asked them what they do, I was looked at as if they were water saw burn. ’There is nothing We can do”, was their response.”

“Moreover, had not one of those women a long relationship. They were only one night stands, but complain if a man them somewhere grasp where they’d rather not have. The advantage of #MeToo is that there is never more a man will come who have power will abuse it, but this is going too far. It is too crazy for words that you are now not even more of a compliment can give without the danger that they will be put out for that pervert.”

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