Wulf expresses the quest on the first EP

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The past year was for Wulf a droomjaar. After years of setbacks, trial and error, knew the singer in 2016 to break through with the hit Summer On You. Friday releases his first EP, Switching Gears.


The five songs tell the story of Wulf, who actually Lieuwe Albertsma hot, and his choice for the music. About the decision to quit his job and to choose a life as an artist. “The first years were not easy,” says Wulf about the early days as a musician. “But despite the setbacks and uncertainty, I knew that I wanted to. The questing, searching for a destination, that is the red thread of the EP. The feeling of being stuck and wanting to break out.” A number of songs is merry, the other two have a darker touch. “My life existed then also out of ups and downs. So I wanted to get that feeling back. It goes with the color palette of that time.”

Wulf underestimated how difficult it is to break through in the music. The facilities, such as a studio and a producer, he had, but they were not his songs to a large audience. Beat the doubt sometimes. “On the essence of my dream, I doubted never. I knew that I music wanted to make my music heard. But the worry and stress were there in abundance. The debts amounted and debt collection’were on a weekly basis for my door.” The 31-year-old singer realized that something had to change. “I thought:” within half a year should do the trick. I did that by visualizing it, almost obsessive use of my imagination.”

Life’s work

Summer On You, Wulf along with Luke & Steve and Sam Feldt made, was a turning point in his career. After the song in the Top 40 came out, it was Wulf known to the public at large. His second, own hit, Mind Made Up, and a club tour followed, and there were more and more requests for performances. In October, his first album, which the singer now fully works. “The album is my life’s work, so really feel it. It’s about hope, about perseverance and not giving up.”

The release of a private plate is for Wulf a dream come true. “Than it is for me successful, and I don’t have more to prove.” The plan is to then by Europe to go touring to act. Or he full-time on the stage wants to be, he knows not yet. “I want to me maybe a little more on produce going to focus. Finding the balance between action and work behind the scenes.”


This summer, Wulf with his band at several festivals including Appelpop, Bierpop and Concert at SEA. On that last look forward to them the most. “We at Concert at SEA, is very special. Because of the location but also by the enormous amount of public. It really is a kiss on the ego of an artist.”

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