Wijnaldum opens door for Yes-R

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A number of months was a wish of Yes-R in performance. After a thuisduel of Liverpool, he met his idol Mo Salah.

Thick friends, the Egyptian superstar Mo Salah and Yes-R, here together at Anfield.

“Through Georginio Wijnaldums agent Humphrey Nijman I’m with Gini came in contact. He invited me out, but the by the stomach flu kampende Wijnaldum played itself does not. His nephew, app Salah, but did not know whether the message had read,” says the rapper.

“Wijnaldum and Salah have a skybox next to each other, so I decided to wait. By him in the Egyptian to speak, I drew his attention. He said: ’Hey, you’re that guy that Gini is talking about. Then we are chilling out and talking and he even had some with my father called. He really is a supernormal guy so my neighbour could have been”, says Yes-R.

“He invests in the village where he comes from and that is now a Mo Salah school and hospital. He is married to the woman who as a little girl with him in high school. And when he gets to Egypt, he is sitting in the most luxurious loungeclubs of Cairo, but in the same koffiehuisje, which he has been his whole life. That adorns him. He is so incredibly successful, but actually be a very shy boy.”

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