West-Flemish transport dinosaurs

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Eight trucks of the company DTT in Zwevezele have vouched for the transport of a Tyrannosaurus Rex. Not really of course, but in the latest movie from the Jurassic World franchise. That reports the Newspaper krant van West-Vlaanderen.

“Jurassic World – “Fallen Kingdom” was launched Wednesday in premiere, the fifth film in the series of “Jurassic Park”. That hollywoodblockbuster also worked a West-Flemish firm, namely the firm of DTT by Paul Degroote. “The contacts date back a year or two ago,” confirms managing director Paul Degroote. “We buy regular old army vehicles of the Belgian army. That is, we sell it by then, they are going to Africa. The filmmakers were into that kind of vehicles looking and have to us via the internet,” explains Degroote to the weekday newspapers.

“It happens, however, that we supply vehicles for film or tv recordings, but usually it will be a while borrowed. It is the first time that a film really trucks with our purchases. And certainly for a production of that caliber. “The trucks traveled, even to Hawaii. There they were in the movie used to be dinosaurs from destruction to save.”

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