VTM solves all plans for autumn

f783dba78281e1a95c93f94793787953 - VTM solves all plans for autumn

VTM sends this autumn, not one but two prestigereeksen: “The gang of Jan de Light” and “The 13 commandments”. There has over the past few years, a lot of good about that series to read and hear. The film adaptation of the historical novel by Louis Paul Boon about Jan the Light would be in september. That says, The Standard. Both series are in each case ‘much awaited’. Because of promising buzz, but also because they are already in the pipeline. The listing period of The gang of Jan the Light was in the spring of 2017 completed. That is still bad, but the pictures of The 13 commandments with Dirk Van Dijck, Marie Vinck date back to 2015.

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