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Vechain next big Deal – Vechain course to succeed in the upward trend

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The Vechain Foundation has announced another great Deal for the Vechain Thor project. Under the direction of two government institutions – the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce and the Shanghai Liquor Monopoly Administration was established VeChain, DNV GL, D. I. G., the Business Information Center of Shanghai and eight other government offices and companies, “Shanghai Wine and Liquor Blockchain Alliance”.

Background of the Alliance is the national strategy of China to support the System for the traceability of product quality by 2020″ and to complete. The Alliance to Vechain want to develop in Shanghai, a collaborative platform for the research and development for the traceability of alcoholic beverages.

The System is supposed to work so that customers can receive by scanning (QR) Barcodes important information about wine, including information like vineyard Details, wine grape and stock data, as well as the date on which it was delivered in the DIG store.

The objectives of the Alliance is the improvement of the logistics management, the quality and the safety are also. Shanghai has positioned itself as a leading and innovative centre of the “Blockchain technology and traceability of spirits” in China. The Alliance has the object to provide a flag ship-traceability system for the China International Import Expo. This should be of more than 500 retail stores in Shanghai and after a successful Start in the Region expanded.

In terms of the impact and the scope of the Expo, the Chinese President Xi Jinping personally:

It is not just a trade fair in the ordinary sense, but a major policy Initiative and a commitment that has taken its own Initiative to open the Chinese market.

Furthermore, it is expected that Jinping, as well as other global leaders will be present at the fair. During the Expo the “foreign friends will be presenting” the new models and services for alcoholic beverages.

The founding of the Alliance, with the participation of Vechain is, in our view, therefore, a great Deal, because the Alliance is directly supported by the Chinese government (which is the crypto-currency prohibition covered). The Shanghai Wine and Liquor Blockchain Alliance to provide services for the Chinese government using the Vechain technology.

In addition, the Business Information Center of Shanghai counts, according to the statements in the official report, one of the most influential sources of information within the state administration, for the Chinese trading system, which is a business network comprised of 4,500 retail stores in Shanghai and East China. From this network Vechain will benefit.

As we already reported in the past, Vechain add more real-world use cases for its technology. Unlike other projects, there are for Vechain Thor thus, real-world use cases. In the past, Vechain has already been able to convince several large and well-known companies to take advantage of the VeChain Thor technology. And So, PwC Hong Kong, DNV GL, eGrid Consulting co. LTD and Lingang International Manufacturing Exhibition Trading Center Vechain Thor.

Vechain course and Mainnet launch

VeChain over the past week, at least 14 percent in a sideways-moving market has increased and is one of the biggest winners of the past seven days.

One reason for this is, the closer to the rear end of the Mainnet launch. The expected start date of the Vechain Thor platform is designed to of 30. June. The Team noted, however, that the date could shift if new errors are found.

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