Van Marwijk to pay assistants out of their own pocket

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Bert van Marwijk pays the assistants, who assist him during the world CHAMPIONSHIPS with the Australian team from his own pocket.

Coach Bert van Marwijk, left, Mark van Bommel.

Reports that the Australian newspaper The Sydney Morning Heralt.

No budget

Van Marwijk was in January appointed as coach of the Australians, who are at the world cup will cross swords with France, Denmark and Peru in group C. The Australian bond did the Dutch coach know that there is no further budget was to Van Marwijk his own staff to be assembled.

“But that I had to do, because there was very little time” said Van Marwijk. “If you want to ensure that a team develops in a short time, should that happen with people I know. They have to look me in the eyes can see, understand what I mean. I had to work with Australian professionals who were there, but there was much more time for that would have been required.”


Thus, koos Van Marwijk for the team of eight Dutch people around him (among whom Mark van Bommel, Jürgen Dirkx, John Metgod, Roel Coumans, and Taco van den Velde) out of their own pocket to pay for it. “They know how I work, I can trust them and they don’t do it for the money”, knows the head coach. “If you want to see at the world cup, where we have the first round to survive, it was all very professional. And I think that now the situation is.”

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