US to send immigrants to jails

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WASHINGTON – The American authorities to bring approximately 1,600 immigrants in federal prisons, where they the treatment of their case can wait. Officials tell Reuters news agency that it was the first time that the arrested people of the country have entered illegally on a large scale in federal prisons to be housed.

Five federal prisons will temporarily people who are waiting for their lawsuit to absorb. One prison in Victorville, California is gearing up to thousands of migrants. Local ICE reports that the decision is taken to “meet the demand for additional detentieruimte for immigrants.”

In april of this year, around 51,000 people were arrested at the southern border of the United States, compared to 16,000 in the same month last year. Under the previous president Barack Obama allowed many immigrants their lawsuits in the freedom to wait, or they were housed in ICE detention facilities or local prisons.

Critics are questioning the decision of immigrants in federal prisons. “A high percentage of ICE detainees have no criminal record and is vulnerable in a prison,” said a former topmedewerker of the immigration service. He warned that employees of federal detention facilities are used by hardened criminals to go.

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