UN sanction for the first six people smugglers in Libya

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The UN Security council last Thursday, for the first time, sanctions issued against six leaders of networks of people smugglers who are active in Libya. The sanctions are mainly a symbolic, deterrent value.

Normal had made the decision a month earlier. But Russia was lying transverse and had to have more information about the parties involved, and assurance that the procedure is justified.

“Moscow allowed its reserves to sail on the proposal of the Netherlands to six individuals on a list of persons against whom sanctions are issued,” said a diplomat Thursday. “The sanctions will take immediate effect.’

The sanctions, frozen accounts, and review travel prohibitions, take two Eritreeërs and four Libyans. Among them also the head of a unit of the coast guard.

Libya supports Dutch initiative

“The netherlands wanted its seat in the Security council seize to the lives of refugees and migrants in Libya to improve. The wanted to prevent that they a dangerous journey across the Mediterranean Sea begin, ” said the Dutch foreign minister Stef Blok in a press release.

“This Dutch initiative sends a clear message. We fight against the trafficking in human beings in Libya, ” said Block. He stressed that all members of the V-Board’s decision supported, including several African countries, and the Libyan authorities. ‘They know that the criminal networks in the country to seriously destabilise it.’

Shocking documentary

At the end of 2017 showed a shocking documentary by news channel CNN images of African migrants who, as slaves were sold. That led to international outrage. In march, the Libyan court for over two hundred arrest warrants against Libyan people smugglers and foreigners who were involved in the clandestine immigration to Europe. In a confidential document to the V-Board wrote to UN experts that the people smugglers in Libya has increased.

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