Twente-auditor should a month not to work

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The auditor of FC Twente is one month to appeal not to exercise.

The Grolsch Veste of FC Twente.

That certain the tuchtrechter in Zwolle Friday. The netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM) accused the auditor with millions in the financial statements is slid to have. According to the tuchtrechter for accountants, the auditor of the financial statements that he approved not sufficiently controlled.

So it was in the financial statements 2012-2013 a turnover of 12 million in tv money, while the deal until the year was closed. This amount would the club get for the rights to the matches of FC Twente to send out. Such turnover belongs only in the books if that also is realized. Also, the residual value of the stadium of nil suddenly increased to 20 million euros. This was the club’s 1.1 million euro less to write off.

Heaviest measure

The harshest measure that the Accountantskamer can impose is a final deletion from the registry. The tuchtrechter chose in this case for a temporary cancellation for the duration of a month.

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