Tweezers and hair clips in vagina smuggled in

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Atlanta – Security personnel of a U.s. prison was dumbfounded when it turned out that a transferred detainee her vagina appeared to have jammed with ontsnappingsmateriaal.

They are used to quite a lot in the prison, but this beat everything. In internal investigation by the Oconee County Sheriff’s Office revealed that the woman dozens of pencils, seven pincers, tweezers and lots of hair clips had. Fortunately, however, wrapped in plastic.

The management of the prison suspects that the pincers, tweezers and hair clips were intended to handcuffs open.

The post of the police on their own Facebook page is now thousands of times shared. Commenters break, especially the head about the many pencils. The police know the answer to: which are used for tattoos and in some cases, as a pointed weapon.

There is among the commenters also criticized the prison that they have this news to put out. The sherrif: “oh, you can’t everyone to his meaning.”

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