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Tron’s Token-Migraiton to Odyssey 2.0 is running smoothly

e674aeff230ad1315f169d6c2bccf4ce - Tron’s Token-Migraiton to Odyssey 2.0 is running smoothly

Tron (TRX) has recently started the Migration to a private Blockchain called Odyssey 2.0. This trend began on October 31. May.

Tron’s new Mainnet is 25. June in a Beta Phase. This should give developers plenty of time to Wallets and Browser for the new Blockchain.

The Token Transformation is from the 21. June to to 24. June take place. Investors must transfer to your TRX-token to a crypto-exchange, the TRX is accepted. Then investors will receive the same number of TRX for the new network.

25. June is referred to by developers as “independence day” because on this day the Genesis Block of the new network is created. Investors see Tron hopeful as the “Ethereum is a Killer.”

Justin Sun, the founder of Tron said in a Statement:

“The beginning of our main network (“Mainnet”) will initiate the next Phase of the Internet, decentralisation and democratisation. While Tron is becoming more and more popular, ensures the Team continually that our work is of the highest quality. Developers are now, because Tron has a Block wood of Ethereum can detach. The Upgrade will allow better commercialization and the global development of dApps accelerate.“

Also EOS, a more Top-crypto currency recently began the launch of a Blockchain. EOS had a one-year ICO and collected $ 4 billion in capital. Tron’s current Situation is practically a split.

On a short-term view Tron’s price could see no positive price movements. The price of the currency fell by 5% just before the announcement of the Mainnets. However, this is likely due to market-wide volatility. Experts positive price expected movements, as soon as Tron’Token s Migration on the 25. June was completed.

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