Tom Dice and Kato are a couple

eaffbc06a79320f24240c30431fa69b9 - Tom Dice and Kato are a couple

Nice news in The Latest News from Friday. The newspaper brings a liefdesprimeur: Tom Dice is no longer single. The singer of Me & My Guitar, along with Kato Callebaut. He is from X Factor, they are out of Idol. The two talents worked previously together and five years ago the song “Breaking Up Slowly”, and are now a couple. “This voetl really good; It’s all still at an early stage, but our friends are now aware and we don’t want longer vestoppen,” says Tom in The Latest News; Tuesday, come Kato and Tom to Marathonradio of MNM: he used to sing it to her brand new love to accompany on the piano.

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