Third season series Atlanta

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Comedy-drama Atlanta will get a third season. That made the American channel FX Thursday known.

Donald Glover with his Emmy Awards for ” Best male lead in a comedyserie’ and ’Best director of a comedyserie’

Atlanta was invented by Donald Glover, who last time also, back in the spotlight, is under his muziekpseudoniem Childish Gambino. Donald also plays the starring role in Atlanta, which is about two cousins who, as a manager, and a rapper trying to make it in the music business.

The third season of the series, in the Netherlands to see on Fox, does not come as a surprise. Atlanta is critically acclaimed and won after the first season, including two Emmy’s, two Golden Globes and a Critics’ Choice Award. The second season got on recensieverzamelsite Rotten Tomatoes an even higher score, a 99 percent “fresh” as a positive judgment is called.

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