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“There is a ‘Max Verstappen-effect’ in the karting”

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Felipe Massa has this season of his F1 retirement, but that is not to say that he the whole day on the couch. Today, he is president of the international karting commission of the FIA.

In that position, hopes to Mass with his vision on the future of young riders to prepare them better for a possible future in Formula 1. Tuesday he gave during the FIA sport conference in the Philippines text and explanation of his plans, his priorities are a simpler international structure of the sport and he wants to the thinking of the young riders trying to change. At this time everyone wants as quickly as possible in a single-seater racing and the karts are too fast to allow for what they are.

“First, it is my philosophy to make everything a lot simpler to try to create,” says Mass. “I want to try to all the national organizations together to get to some things easier. At this moment, there are so many different categories and types of engines.”

“In a country such as Brazil for example, we have the same engines and categories as here (in Asia). This is to prepare them for the time that they have to go to Europe, so that they with the same engine and the same material drive as they would be in other countries.”

“In my opinion, I have always had it difficult to understand why there are so many different things are in the kartingwereld. So I would like national organizations to know that we need to work closely together and make things a little easier.”

Max Verstappen made in 2015 on seventeen-year-old age in the Formula 1 debut, with a minimum of experience in motorsport. That has a lot of young riders are encouraged to have their development to try to speed up faster to the seats to switch and ground is not a good evolution.

“Karting is in my opinion the best category to F1 to be compared with them. Drive with this is the best to compare with the feeling of the rider, the thrill, the reactions, the speed, the G-forces and the braking in a F1-bolide.”

The Brazilian denounces the current mentality to quick to step up to the seats and he is adamant that it is better to wait until they are ready for it. He also emphasizes that he is not only young riders but also their fathers have to convince to do everything step by step.

“With the debut of Max Verstappen on seventeen-year-old age, we saw the mentality of the fathers change. I think you are the right time to wait to make the switch and that you should take to you to prepare well.”

“When you go to the next class rings, you will also be much better prepared to win instantly, and that’s still the fastest way to the Formula 1,” decision Mass.

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