Son Mariah Carey orders a dog online

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Mariah Carey leaves her seven-year-old son not only with the iPad. The boy ordered last a dog online and gave $ 5000 (almost 4500 euro) from on the web shop of Amazon.

Mariah Carey

“My son is a technological genius. I should really keep an eye on with the iPad”, said Mariah in the American talk show Jimmy Kimmel Live. “Recently, he gave almost 5000 dollars on Amazon and ordered a dog online.”

The son of Mariah was with his father Nick Cannon when he was a new pet chose. “They called Nick to say that the dog was ready to be picked up. And he was like: I don’t have any dog ordered,” says the singer.

The four-legged friend is also not come. “We have enough dogs. We have the order cancelled. We have dogs, fish. The children have everything they need.”

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