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Smurfs palms the Brussels Expo in

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In Brussels Expo opens this weekend a major exhibition on the Smurfs, that cartoonist Peyo sixty years ago has created.

Approximately fifty million sold comics in more than ninety countries, a television series with 272 episodes that in more than one hundred countries on the television was to be seen, 41 YouTube channels, three feature films, an airplane, four theme parks. It is clear that the Smurfs the world have conquered, and from this weekend there is an expo the world will go round. The first stop on that trip around the world: Palace 4 out of Brussels Expo at the Heysel.

The visitor shrinks to the size of a Smurf and enter into an enchanting world full of discoveries but also dangers. In nine areas, spread over a total area of 1,500 square metres, takes the visitor to the lifestyle of the Smurfs.

“It is a modern-day spectacle,” says director Xavier Dumon. “You can with the stork flying with a virtual pair of glasses. You dance with the Smurfs, you hear and see the Smurfs. You will learn the Smurfentaal and eventually you may find yourself a Smurf. There are a lot of new technologies used.’

All generations

‘The Smurfenavontuur is designed for people from 3 to 103 years. The Smurfs are known among all generations. The older generations know they might be in 2D, and the young people they will know, through the latest technologies, ” says Dumon.

The exhibition took a total of 5 million euros. The exhibition runs in Brussels until the 2nd of september. After Brussels begins the Smurfenavontuur in 2019 to a world tour in five years on five continents.

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