Singapore is not happy with impersonator Kim Jong-un

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SINGAPORE – A well-known impersonator of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un got a chilly reception at arrival in Singapore. The man, whose name is Howard X reads, told news agency Bloomberg that he is about two hours, was detained at the airport Changi.

“They asked me what my political views are and whether I am in other countries have been demonstrations or riots,” said the impersonator, who was instructed to stay away from the places where the top with Kim and the U.s. president Trump takes place. “I think that they tried me to intimidate. But if I was turned off that was great news.”

Howard X draws there this coming weekend with Trump-impersonator Dennis Alan. Local businesses to sponsor their performances. Some entrepreneurs in the city-state to try a piece of the action to pick up the interest for the historic summit. So have restaurants special themagerechten and cocktails put on the map.

The entertainer made earlier this year for the fuss during the Olympic Winter games in South Korea. Since, the police are after him, a stadium, after he had danced for North Korean cheerleaders.

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