Ronnie Flex brings single of the BAND

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Ronnie Flex during RTL Late Night reveals that he along with the BAND’s single will be released. In march, alluded he to a possible collaboration, but now it is so confirmed. Together, they make a new version of BLØFs hit single Embrace.

Ronnie Flex

“The BAND had approached me to be one of my favorite songs of all times together with them again to create,” says Ronnie Flex against Tan. “Then we are the studio to record. It was all very organic, they were open to my ideas, and I for theirs. There was just a very good vibe and atmosphere. There is a very beautiful track was released.”

The rapper exudes joy. “I am very proud of. I am such a huge fan, of the BAND in general. I find that that number anyway, it belongs in the top five best Dutch songs ever written. Perhaps it is even the best. For me it was a inkoppertje, I was so happy. I had to really work on this.”

In march placed Flex already a video on social media in which the song was heard.

Ronnie Flex made throughout his career, many songs with other artists. So he scored number 1 hits with Lil’ Small, Frenna, Moon, and Famke Louise.

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