Roel and Kürt win ‘2 Star’Restaurant’

954915ce581f40246c75765ed5b2928c - Roel and Kürt win '2 Star'Restaurant'

The VTM program ‘2 Star’ Restaurant ‘ knew Thursday, June 7, all are final. Without publiekstemming, as we the years in My Pop-uprestaurant’ saw. Sergio Herman chose together with reviewers Luc Hoornaert and Willem Asaert the Leuven ‘Stove’ of ‘Family’-starring Roel Vanderstukken and Kürt Rogiers as the best restaurant.

The White Villa, in Leuven, belgium was the base for the Stove. On the menu at the two actors? Dishes that everyone knows, creatively reworked. Not an everyday kitchen, but unexpected flavor combinations. That was their strijdwapen in the final against Marie Verhulst and Andy Peelman. In The ‘Pescetarian’ to prove the two friends that a meal without meat can be delicious and fun. The fun factor is missing certainly not, with a host like ‘Buurtpolitie’agent Peelman.

It’s all a bit looser than in Leuven. From there, take the Kürt the hall for his account. A perfectionist, but pleasant way. “Kürt has the charisma of a great maître d’hôtel. He is not, but he has it“, compliments Sergio him. Roel received laudatory comments about his work in the kitchen. ‘Smeuske’, the langoustines à la Sergio Herman and a dessert with peach, according to reviewer Asaert “of a very high level“. Sergio saw in Roel a true chef, passionate about food. The duo was rewarded with the ‘2 Star’Restaurant’ -he is.

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