Premier League conducts with the input of season 2019/2020 winter break in

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The Premier League receives from the season 2019/2020 a winter break. In February, the players get a break of two weeks in the English league, so on Friday after months of negotiations decided.

“This is an important moment for English football”, says FA president Martin Glenn at the website of the bond. “Both the clubs and the national team will benefit from this decision.”

With the choice for February continues the tradition of games around the holidays. The winter break does not mean that there are two weeks has not been played. In the first weekend, there will be five matches to be played and a weekend later, the other ten clubs in action.

Glenn: “We have found a way to give the players a break to give, and the beloved games around Christmas to keep. As we move into the future with the national team at major tournaments to participate in, then will the winter break be of added value for the fitness of the players.”

“It is no secret that we have a very busy match schedule,” says the back. “In the past years we have been working on a solution.”

FA Cup

Also in the cup, there is an adjustment to the physical demands on the players to relieve. In the fifth round of the FA Cup will be no replays be played anymore. In the three lower divisions of the English professional football remains in the match schedule as yet, unchanged.

The past couple of seasons was by several managers complained about the heavy load of players as a result of the busy schedule. Among others Josep Guardiola of champion Manchester City showed his dissatisfaction to be seen.


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