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Plain text: Why Blockchain-conferences reveal the structural problems of the ICO market

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As the last autumn of the topics of the Blockchain and crypto-currencies in the public attention high are cooked, the demand for Blockchain-conferences enormously and the range of conferences to this demand. Now, several months later, the interest in the crypto-Economy, although still high, but a saturation of Blockchain-conferences – of the ticket sales is becoming more and more difficult, the subsequent discounts getting bigger and bigger.

Virtually every week a Blockchain conference is held somewhere in Europe, which claims to be the biggest, greatest, best. The arms race to have the most Speakers, most of the exhibitors, the majority of investors is already underway. In order to exchange and transfer of knowledge know, however, it no longer goes to these conferences in a long time.

The promise is simple: The ICO-exhibitors have the prospect to meet a lot of wealthy investors, and the investors, in turn, is promised, the views meet richest ICOs. Are rounded, these international Networking events, lectures, and Panels of the same themes. The Transition between objective knowledge and the Pitch of their project in fluent. Also, one repeatedly encounters the same Speaker, so that occasionally the question arises as to whether some of these people even have a serious employment engaged in (such as on a Blockchain project work) or become a professional Blockchain-have become speakers.

The arbitrariness of Blockchain-conferences

The conferences are always more for the sake of it, wasting the exorbitant marketing budgets of ICOs. In the Pre-ICO Phase will be like the 80 percent of the collected money for Marketing output, then it are often still 30 to 50 percent – a lot of money for Innovation is often. Driven by this, in the meantime, independent marketing machinery, the Exhibitor booths are blurred to an optical unit to a pulp. Roll-up Banner with a globe as the main subject and the decentralized light trails grace the Cover of promotional materials. This will then be printed in addition to phrases such as: AI, IoT, Big Data, or Peer-to-Peer and in combination with the word Blockchain. If you ask the ICO-Exhibitor, why is it just a Blockchain solution for your business model needs to be, or what is the function of the Token actually has to meet, to get memorized phrases to listen – really smarter, it is then only rarely. In barkers style will expire in the. ICO Exhibitor areas to the scarce Good attention attracted, the forces of each individual Startup, in superlatives, in order to find at least a little hearing here the structural problems of the ICO market reveal.

Nonetheless, With all the criticism and all the discomfort of these conferences have their permission. It takes a great international Meeting to gather the global crypto Community to be physically in one place. Many are looking for exactly these Networking Events to meet investors and build relationships. As a participant you have to know what you are letting yourself at such an event instead of a Blockchain-conference, the name ICO-Tupperware party would be, in many cases, anyway significantly more accurate.

It can be done differently

For those who want to not only save money, but also in-depth conversations about the technology, look, are, as a rule, other event formats recommended. Because of the numerous Meetups organized by Startups, individuals, Co-Working Spaces, agencies and companies in major cities would be. Here there is no Buffet or chic bags with Giveaways. But two to three lectures a family atmosphere in small groups of 20 to 50 participants, a professionally challenging topic, and then an intense discussion. Representatives of the faction “Lambo” are to be found here significantly less often, the level tends to be higher.

The right questions you will find at industry conferences

Corresponding industry-specific trade events are becoming stronger. These include, for example, the theme of the Blockchain in the area of logistics or the Blockchain in the energy sector. The Positive to these industry events are factual and critical classifications of industry experts. These you already know for many years, the challenges and opportunities of their sector. Even if not every participant Blockchain-is a specialist, are just the questions that come after a meaningful Blockchain Integration in the respective sector. The result is a realism that is missing in the case of the ICO-conferences often completely.

Colleges to get

Increasingly, the universities insist on the Blockchain-parquet and organize appropriate conferences. Although these are not particularly glamorous, but much more factual and more differentiated than the pompous Blockchain-conferences in large hotel chains. Also, the Blockchain technology must meet the qualitative and quantitative methods of science, if it is to be recognised by policy and company. In Germany, the University of Kassel, the Berlin University of applied Sciences have done here, especially the “Hochschule Mittweida” and the Frankfurt School of Finance. The above-mentioned universities offer besides the research projects, and teaching regularly Blockchain events, which are open to the Public and to find in the BTC-ECHO-event calendar.

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