Pippa Middleton wants during pregnancy is not running

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Pippa Middleton sport still during her pregnancy, but is not more hard. “I want my body (and groeidene baby) rest from the shock of the asphalt.”

The sister of the duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middlton, describes her pregnancy in her fitnesscolumn in the magazine Waitrose Weekend.

It is also the first time that they confirm a baby with her husband James Matthews.

Instead of jogging follows the Middleton classes in pilates and yoga, and she goes for walks, cycling, swimming and tennis.

“I’m so lucky that I was in the first twelve weeks without getting sick am rubbing,” writes the 34-year-old Middleton. Her sister has with her three pregnancies, a lot of problems.

“I notice that my body is changing and that the weight increases, but thanks to effective oefeningenen sports, I have the feeling to be stronger for a healthy pregnancy, birth, and recovery.”


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