Nasrdin Dchar plays a role in the first movie Ish

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Nasrdin Dchar and the Belgian actress Veerle Dobbelaere play the lead roles in the first movie of the Belgian choreographer Ish Ait Hamou. Ish is in the Netherlands mostly known as a member of the jury of So You Think You Can Dance. He edited for a short film Clip of his own novel, someone Like you lose you can’t lose, made the producer Thursday known.

Clamp tells the story of a chance encounter in the train of the former chirurge Els and Palestinian refugee Sulayman. During the train ride results in a warm conversation about their past and the trauma they carry. Nothing suggests how big the impact of their conversation.

The shooting of the film this week started. Clamp will be the end of 2018 premiere and show on the Belgian channel Eén. It is not yet clear whether and when the short film in the Netherlands. Dchar is the coming season in the Dutch theaters with the show, YES!, in which he has his own marriage and marriage in general under the microscope.

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