Mila Kunis was confident by motherhood

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For many women, changing their lives, once they have children. They walk not only with love and pride for their offspring, the children often make worries and uncertainties. Mila Kunis has no burden of. She says to understand more confident to be become by her motherhood.

Mila Kunis

By her 3-year-old daughter, Wyatt, and son Dimitri of 16 months, the actress what is really important in life. In an interview with Variety, tells Kunis that her children, her perspective gave, which gives them the confidence got to stand up for herself and other women.

“I used to be about a lot of things uncertain and it made me very very often, but since I became a mother am do all those things anymore,” says Mila. “I had more important things to do than me to worry about other people’s opinions. What do I care if people me a bitch. You learn not for nothing saying “no”.”

She looks back on her role in the movie Bad Moms. “I was pregnant and had a baby, so I didn’t think to do it himself. I tried other people to do it for them. Eventually I realized that this film simply made to implement and I decided to play. It’s just really a good and funny film.”

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